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Pablo Anson

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"Sara and Pablo really brought the Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and Storytelling Passion I was looking for on my projects, but above all, they brought that little bit of magic that helps elevate visual storytelling to a whole different level."


Alex Sherwood

Giant Animation

"Sara and Pablo were wonderful to work with! Their positivity, innovation, and extensive knowledge about their craft made collaborating with them an incredibly seamless and exciting process."


Isabella Spadone


"Working with Sara and Pablo on our short film was smooth sailing! They were thoughtful in their interpretation of the brief and really tuned in to the specific style and energy of our project. They were also great communicators, open to feedback and experimentation. I would confidently recommend their skills to anyone!"


Mark Aristizabal

Giant Animation

“From the first moment I was convinced that Pablo and Sara were the right composers for my project. Their music does not only support the visuals, but enhances them in a way that makes the film feel complete and emotionally compelling. I’m looking forward to the next project with them!”


Simon Wendler


"Working with Sara and Pablo was seamless. They are extremely knowledgeable, open to new ideas, very dedicated to their process, and one of the absolute best teams I've ever worked with."


Jillian Lucia


"Pablo's scores are unique. He is a composer that makes you believe filmmaking is still something magical"


Saúl Gallego


"When I say Pablo is the best composer I have ever worked with, I truly mean it. If a project requires a musical score, he is the only one I trust and go to. He pours his soul into every composition and that dedication and passion show through."


Tyler Whitaker


"We thoroughly enjoy working with Pablo and Sara! Not only are they hard working professionals with quality results, but they are easy to work with. They listen to your requests and bring different ideas and perspectives to the table, which makes them a powerful team."


Daeil Kim & Melanie Sudyn

xylograph films

"Right from the beginning, Pablo really understood in which direction I wanted to take the project. He works very precisely, is always available and proved to be incredibly reliable. His score brought life to the film and enhanced my storytelling tremendously.”


Alexander Peter Lercher

producer & director

"Apart from his extraordinary talent and instinct as a composer, he is a determined worker and a creative problem solver who always considers a project in its entirety. I highly recommend Pablo Anson to any colleague. Without hesitation."


Jörg Oschmann


"I really enjoyed collaborating with somebody as dedicated and precise as Pablo. Working on a music score step by step with him was a very inspiring experience."


Siegmund Skalar


About Us

Pablo & Sara

Composer & Editor

Hello! We are a team of composers who specialize in orchestral music for films.

With over 12 years of experience, we have scored music for many projects, including films, ads, documentaries, and musicals. Some of our clients include Disney+, Mattel, RTÉ Jr., and animation studios like Giant Animation, SignSTUDIOS, and Miralumo.

Our work has been recognized and awarded at several film festivals such as Hollywood Film Festival and Cannes Corporate & Media Awards, as well as being awarded at film scoring competitions.

We work together as a team, but also spend time independently on different areas of our compositions.

Pablo graduated cum laude with a Master’s Degree in Music Composition for Film and Media from the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, MDW (Austria). Trained in Orchestral Conducting and Piano, he also had the honor of working under the guidance of leading film composers such as Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, James Newton Howard, Richard Bellis and Alastair King.

Sara has a Bachelor in Communication and Media Studies, and she is skilled at developing the concept of a soundtrack and looking for references. She also works as a music producer, being in charge of mixing and mastering our music.

She is the one who talks to producers, organizes the team, sets the deadlines… If you are interested in working with us, she’s the one to talk to.